Singing Bowls & Yoga Nidra

Wind down and recharge with Daniel and his magical Tibetan singing bowls! This blissful workshop will combine vibration, breathwork, meditation and Yoga Nidra.

Tibetan singing bowls are musical instruments that have been used for thousands of years to promote healing. While playing the Tibetan singing bowls, which are tuned to musical notes that correspond to the different chakras of the body restoring your balance of energy. Since the body is made up of mostly water, the vibrational effect of the Tibetan singing bowls feels like a full body cellular massage.

Although you are lying down during the practice, by no means are you doing nothing. Daniel will guide you through the practice, using techniques such as hypnotherapy, autosuggestion and conscious relaxation to take you deep into the Nidra.

The yoga nidra is a very ancient yoga form in Indian traditions such as Hinduism and Buddhism. What is its benefit? Reduce your stress, stimulate thyroid function, reduce the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome and adrenal insufficiency and aid in the recovery of muscle fatigue and repair. It can assist in healing psychological wounds and assist those dealing with depression and dependency. It brings a profound sense of joy and wellbeing to the practitioner. It is also a way to connect with your deeper spiritual self. It restores the body, senses and mind to their natural function and awakens a subconscious awareness that allows you to feel no separation. Oneness, wholeness, tranquility and wellbeing are experienced on a univeral level.

Five Tibetan Rites

Recharge and rejuvenate your energies with this introduction workshop to the ancient 5 Tibetan rites and balance your elements.

The 5 Tibetans are a series of five exercises or asanas thought to have been practiced by Tibetan lamas and yogis for 2500 years.

The reported benefits of daily practice of the 5 Tibetans include increased energy, reduced stress, increased stress, increased strength and flexibility, and a heightened sense of calm and clarity of thought – resulting in enhanced health and wellbeing, leading ti longevity.

These exercises take about 20 minutes and are a great addition to any daily meditation, yoga or exercise regime.


Each exercise corresponds to a particular element: earth, water, fire, air or spirit (ether) which in turn correspond to the first 5 chakras of our bodies. The exercises increase the spin of the chakras, balancing the elements and bringing wonderful rejuvenating results.

This practice is for anyone, even if you have no yoga practice experience at all – all you need is a willing spirit!

Our two hour workshop will introduce you to the 5 Tibetans so you can take them home and integrate them into your daily practice.

Sonic Yoga

A yin yoga class where the use of the bowls corresponding to the activated chakra deepens the experience.

Yin yoga can be very profound and even more so with the vibrational healing of Tibetan singing bowls.