Workplace Wellness

For organisations

Having healthy and happy employees has a great impact on the success and sustainability of any organisation or company. Unfortunately today stress and lack of movement adversely affect our mental outlook and physical wellbeing and upset the balance we need to maintain Wellness. To prevent this we need to make informed lifestyle choices, take care of our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, and be mindful with what our whole self needs in order to be well.

Elemental Wellness Therapies offers following options for organisations to cultivate the wellbeing of their employees:

‘Wellness Office’ talks

At Elemental Wellness Therapies I am aware that organisations and companies want to take care of their personnel/staff. What I offer are talks on Wellness in the office; providing a 5-element frame of reference on which to hang your health, a way forward to become healthy and ways of doing so. These talks incorporate the idea that food is medicine, movement is medicine and the concept that you can heal yourself.

Movement Meditation

Movement meditation classes are also possible for post-work or lunch hour. These can be offered with minimal space and includes meditation, breath-work and movement (qi gong and yoga).

Pop-up therapy room

Daniel is also willing to travel to your remote location and has already successfully visited remote locations in Ecuador offering classes and a pop-up therapy room to alleviate stress amongst humanitarian NGOs there.