Wellness counselling

Wellness counselling

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What is Wellness counselling?

This session provides the opportunity for a person to act on the realisation they are responsible for their own Wellness. Very often we know we can feel better in our lives but we don’t know how and it is helpful to have someone empathetic and experienced to help guide us. Understanding that we are our own best healer, and that by addressing imbalance (see ‘About/Therapeutic approach’) we will find Wellness and become a better more capable version of ourselves. The therapist becomes your guide, your support and your coach, they are your biggest fan on the road to Wellness and will cheer you on!

We understand that when you walk in the door you are making a sincere investment in your well-being and we strive within our best capacities to support your journey towards Wellness. Should the therapist come to understand that you would benefit instead (or as well as) from other support including medical support s/he will recommend alternatives.

We are a therapeutic facility, not a medical one and our approach complements allopathic medicine in many respects. Medical doctors refer their patients to us when either other courses of treatment have been exhausted or to support recovery.

Who can benefit from a Wellness counselling session?

Wellness counselling benefits anyone who is not feeling well. People often don’t know what is wrong with them and certainly they may have aches and pains, anxiety or depression, a sense of unease or just the understanding that they need a ‘time-out’ from the world around them. They realize they need to find a different perspective, a framework on which to understand who they are and how they can cope in the world.

​In that respect people might come with:

∗ physical pain or discomfort, neck pain/tension, jaw tension, including clenching, grinding, headaches including migraines, tension headaches, lower back pain/ache, sinus discomfort

∗ mental or emotional distress such as anxiety, insomnia, depression, dizziness (BPPV), frustration, stress, anger and is effective for children, adolescents and adults alike.

1 hr

$/€/CHF 100