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These times have been economically challenging for me as well. Still fees are on a sliding scale or I accept partial and full exchanges and I trust people will pay what they are able, let know me in advance if we need to discuss the money part.


My Therapies

Craniosacral Treatment (Also Available online)

Craniosacral therapy brings a state of deep relaxation using a gentle therapeutic touch to re-set the pulse in the cerebro-spinal fluid, opening the link between your cranium and your sacrum, the length of the spine. In this natural state you can re-establish an energetic flow that promotes self-healing. Perfect for relieving headaches, neck tension and back pain and helping manage anxiety, worry and grief. Also very useful for helping children manage frustration and concern.

1 hr 30 min | First Sess $60

Essential Oil Therapeutic Massage

Using the patented and popular Raindrop Technique developed by Young Living Essential Oils, we use pure organic essential oils and the vibrational power of plant medicine to address a wide variety of ailments and illness. Integrating essential oils, and aromatherapy with other treatments is highly complementary and amplifies their effect.

1 hr   |   $60

Wellness Counselling (Also Available Online)

This opportunity is designed for active people who know they want to make positive qualitative changes in their lives, ones that help them feel better about themselves, and need a guide to identify the pathway to achieve their goals.

Goals can be as general as finding ‘inner peace’ or helping to quiet the mind, deal with my burnout, or as specific as ‘I want to lose 5kg’, addressing a known diagnosis and everything in between. Through an interactive process with the therapist we take an integrated approach and consider how your environment influences your well-being, including diet, lifestyle, movement (exercise), attitude and relationships and we consider your available time and the dynamics of your household. This way we come up with a realistic way forward tailored specifically for you. Sessions with the therapist may include any of the therapies below as well as adjustments to nutrition and diet, exercise regimes and lifestyle.

1 hr   |   $60

Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic massage is the ancient massage of India. Fully clothed you experience an activation of your chakras, the spinning energy vortexes or the subtle energy body. It is as if you did a yoga session without lifting a finger.

1 hr  30 min |   $60

Singing Bowl/
Vibration Sound Bath (Currently Unavailable)

Enjoy 20 mins of vibration as the bowls placed around your body are played with focus according to the intuitive sense and assessment of the therapist. Tuned to the frequency of different energy centres the effect of the sound bath is to harmonize and energize. (NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE)

20 mins   | $30

Chakra Balancing

This therapy focuses on cleansing, balancing and activating the chakras. Identifying blockages in our pranic energy flow is the beginning of a healing journey. Our chakras once balanced allow for increased energy flow giving a sense of greater well-being and harmony.

45 mins   | $45

R’n’R Massage

Please message me to ask about this treatment for rest and relaxation.

1 hr 30 min   |  $60

Craniosacral Relaxation

A unique therapy harnessing the relaxation of a Craniosacral treatment with the healing vibrational power of essential oils and sound healing (using singing bowls/tuning forks) tailored to your personal needs.

1 hr 30 min   |   $60

Conscious Movement: Private Individual or Small group (Available Online)

Understanding that movement is medicine using YOGA and QI GONG to identify imbalances and design a movement practice that is tailored to your needs. No prior movement practice required.

This therapy considers challenges being experienced by a person due to life changes, illness, injury or just a sense of unease and works to resolve these, bringing balance where there is perceived imbalance to the mental, emotional or spiritual self that might be affecting the physical body causing weight-gain, headaches, muscle aches, neck stress, disturbed sleep, etc. In the initial session we investigate the challenge and determine where the main imbalances in the individual are to be found. In the second session the therapist provides a personalized holistic movement practice incorporating methods from yoga and qi gong that the person can take home to address the condition presented. Follow-up sessions are arranged depending on the persons’ need and availability to ensure the practice is clear and to make adjustments to the practice as required.

​* price per person slides, 2people = 70, 3 = 110, 4 = 120 , 5 = 150 (max)

1 hr 30 min  |   $60/session

Trauma Relief Movement Medicine

The effects of trauma takes on many guises and forms, spanning the spectrum from headaches and pains to depression and chronic illness, fatigue, etc. Trained in Trauma Yoga, the therapeutic approach is one that does not delve into the details of the trauma rather it allows the body to release the trauma through movement and shaking. Also possible to do in larger groups who may have suffered collective trauma.

1 hr 30 min   |   $60

Cancellation & payment policy

Understanding that the each day brings changes, please try to stick with your planned appointment, it is great that you are making this investment of time into self-care. If you need to cancel prior to 48hrs ahead this can be done at no charge, 24 – 48hrs a 50% charge and unless it is an emergency less than 24hrs 100%. I thank you for understanding that this is my livelihood and also that bookings are quite full.

It is my greatest interest to ensure that people can access my therapies and that it is 100% inclusive. That someone might not come for money reasons is distressing to me.

I set costs for therapies as this is my livelihood though I also offer the option to pay less or we negotiate an equivalent exchange that you can offer if the price is out of range. I will never turn anyone away. Best to let me know in advance of your appointment if we need to talk about money.

Payment can be made in USD or Euros at the daily exchange rate. You can also send payment by PayPal to