Therapeutic Approach

Daniel works with the 5 Elements we are composed of and that occur in nature (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Spirit). Together we work towards balancing these in the body systems to help achieve your Wellness. Ancient medical systems (Yoga, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine) and increasingly Western medicine agree that energy flow and balance are key to an organism so it can both heal and prevent itself from injury. Balancing the elements within diminishes the ails and and promotes the advantages of aging.

“Health and wellbeing is our natural state, but often we forget to nourish it until it’s too late. Knowledge from the 5 Elements can help us to restore this, the most important thing is the intention to get well again.”

Daniel works off two basic principles, first that we have the capacity to heal ourselves; whether it is a physical cut or an emotional betrayal, any injury that befalls us the body wants to begin healing immediately and has the potential to effect that healing itself. The second principle is that for this healing to occur imbalances or disharmonies in the body’s energy system needs to be addressed.

Working off these principles he has gained tools over many years from different disciplines and engages them to give ‘crisis’ support to persons who need immediate care and to work in accordance with individual needs for people who recognize their healing is a process or journey. We are all aging and at 58 years old, Daniel understands the process of adjusting the mind to new body-realities so you continue to be active, healthy and balanced. Every person who walks in the door realises their need to exercise ‘self-care’.