Strengthen your Immune System- Flatten that curve!

Strengthen your Immune System- Flatten that curve!

Sep 29, 2021 | Blog

The absence of positive messaging out there these days is striking. Where is the public messaging in media or coming from government, or agencies to support people in staying healthy through the northern flu season. Where is the idea that the way we will flatten the curve (limit infections and thus hospitalizations and mortalities) is to stay healthy. Where is the understanding that we cannot beat this virus, that we are part of a biome that is thriving as we humans diminish biodiversity and reduce protection for ourselves; we have to adapt and adjust to an ever-changing environment. The only thing we can do is prevent ourselves from getting sick. We can do it! Food is medicine, movement is medicine there are tools to help improve our well-being, and staying home locked down isn’t necessarily the healthiest way forward 😉 Here is a link to an Introduction to ‘Strengthening Immunity’ on my YouTube channel, please subscribe,

Whatever happened to encouraging people to get more exercise, to eat healthy foods, to reduce stress to laugh and be positive with friends and family, all things known to boost immune system integrity. On October 1 we had a full moon and this month we have 2, the second coming on 31 October. Between moons I launched a 5 minute meditation challenge and people are engaging the videos posted on my Instagram and FB @elementalwellnesstherapies and have joined the dedicated WhatsApp group to support AS ONE each other’s efforts.

The idea is to still your mind. It is only a still mind, one that has limited input, that can listen to the body. The body is telling us everything we need to know about ourselves. Once we know about ourselves we can connect much better with each other, our families, communities and where we live, we can find harmony. This week, having grounded down to Earth from the beginning, we are focused on the Water element in keeping with the Elemental framework I use in my Wellness work. The 5 Elements are the basis of ayurvedic and chinese traditional medicine and indeed most indigenous medicine forms, nothing new, just re-emerging. Water is the element of equilibrium, where we find balance and calm. With a balanced Water element we are able to realise potential by accepting and being willing to receive the benefit of what is offered around us. When water nourishes the earth, the earth is bountiful and abundant, mother earth gives of her bounty generously and without judgement.

Please don’t be shy to dial into the meditation group, we are in different places around the world, doing our 5 mins or more at different times of day but for largely the same purpose; to find peace of mind, to listen to our bodies, to bring a moment of calm to our days and through this means to find Wellness.

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