Essential Oil Therapeutic Massage

Essential Oil Therapeutic Massage

What is Essential Oil Therapeutic Massage?

​At Elemental Wellness therapies we work with vibration to bring balance that leads to Wellness. Plants vibrate on various frequencies and the Raindrop Technique® is a unique practice based on methods that have been used for centuries to help rejuvenate the body and mind. This incredible technique helps bring feelings of balance and harmony to the body by combining targeted massage and distinctive energy approaches. It involves dropping essential oils like raindrops along the spine, to create an atmosphere of spirituality and serenity.

We use the following pure Young Living Essential Oils:

Seven Single Oils*:

  • Thyme, which enhances relaxation;
  • Basil known for being both calming and refreshing;
  • Peppermint which provides a renewed feeling of vigor;
  • Oregano which is warming and provides comfort;
  • Wintergreen with its sweet minty scent and soothing properties;
  • Cypress which restores and promotes grounding;
  • Marjoram known to promote relaxation.

Two Oil Blends:

  • Valor with its uplifting and affirming scent;
  • Aroma Siez™ with Lavender and Peppermint, has relaxing properties
  • *if you know you have an allergy to any of the oils we simply leave them out., please let me know in ad

What is involved?

In advance the person and therapist determine where there might exist manifestations of imbalance (aches and pains, anxiety, stress) so there can be some focus on the appropriate areas. The person lies on the therapy table on their front with their back available from the occiput (cranium) to sacrum.  The therapist first applies the oils to the bared feet and then along the spine.

The therapist uses a carrier oil to dilute and protect sensitive skin from the purity of undiluted essential oils and then layers on the oil in a prescribed order using a variety of massage techniques. 

At the end the therapist does a short craniosacral treatment to complete the relaxation effect of the therapy and allow the oils to penetrate into the body systems. The total time for a treatment is 60minutes

Who can benefit from an essential oil treatment?

The treatment is suitable for persons feeling the need for rejuvenation, for relaxation and who sense that the tensions of their lives have brought them discomfort or pain.

The treatment supports the immune system to help ward off or repair dis-ease or ill-ness. So if you are trying to prevent yourself from getting seasonal flus and colds the perfect timing for such a therapy is before you get ill. Similarly if you are recovering from dis-ease or ill-ness then an essential oil treatment will encourage you on your way to Wellness.

1 hr 

$/€/CHF 120