Craniosacral Relaxation

Craniosacral Relaxation

What is Craniosacral Relaxation?

This therapy is a unique combination of the Craniosacral treatment and Essential Oil Massage. Determining where to focus the therapy with the use of a crystal to detect imbalances, the therapist determines what proportion of the treatments to use based on the imbalances found. Therapies include massage with essential oils, craniosacral techniques and the use of vibrational tools (Solfeggio tuning forks and singing bowls).

​To bring the system into a relaxed state put simply means bringing it into balance, we understand the subtle energy system to have 7 loci of energy (known as the chakras in Yoga and Ayurvedic sciences). The combination of treatments activates and engages these loci and allows for a reset or rebalancing; once the system energy can flow it automatically finds areas of deficit and areas of concentration and in a relaxed state these are allowed to reset.

What is involved?

Craniosacral work and the massage and vibrational energy work are all done on the therapy table, it happens that sometimes if more sound work is needed that we will use the singing bowl space on tatmi mats as well.

Important is for the person to remain present in their body without the interference of outside thoughts and resultant emotions. This is achieved following the guidance of the therapist to bring attention to the sensations of the body and explore what these are and to use the breath to release those areas of tension. As much as required there is communication with the therapist

The session takes 60-90 minutes and people report being in a state of total relaxation and calm, that interesting place we find just as we drift off to sleep or for those of you who know it savasana that comes at the end of a yoga practice.

Who can benefit from a Craniosacral Relaxation?

The short answer for this is EVERYONE! From the stressed out aid worker to the monastery monk. This treatment is designed specifically to help you rebalance and reset. We send you on your way simply feeling ‘better’ than before and ready to move on into your daily life.

1 hr 30 min

$/€/CHF 120