Conscious Movement

Conscious Movement

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What is Conscious Movement?

Understanding that movement is medicine using YOGA and QI GONG and DANCE to address imbalances and design a movement practice that is tailored to your needs. No prior movement practice required.

People wanting a Yoga practice often have an underlying need they are trying to address, they know they need to move, the question is how and what exactly are they trying to achieve. Often they are trying to find balance but this is a bit general and begs the questions ‘what does that really mean’ and ‘how do I do that’?

A Conscious movement practice serves the needs once identified, it could be as general as to deal with stress, or to lose weight, increase flexibility, gain mobility or as specific as to rehabilitate an injury, reduce tension in shoulders, neck or back or to alleviate a headache, migraine, etc.

How we proceed:

This therapy considers challenges being experienced by a person due to life changes, illness, injury or just a sense of unease and works to resolve these, bringing balance where there is perceived imbalance to the mental, emotional or spiritual self that might be affecting the physical body causing weight-gain, headaches, a sense of overwhelm, muscle aches, neck stress, disturbed sleep, etc. In the initial session we investigate the challenge and determine where the main imbalances in the individual are to be found, a craniosacral treatment is also very helpful. In the second session the therapist provides a personalized holistic movement practice incorporating methods from yoga and qi gong that the person can take home to address the condition presented. Follow-up sessions are arranged depending on the persons’ need and availability to ensure the practice is clear and to make adjustments to the practice as required.

​Over time we build on the practice and evolve what it is you need. This can take some time, depending on how much you practice on your own. I recommend finding time daily to find the space and practice, I tailor to your time, physical space and interests. Perhaps you like music to accompany, like your movement to be more meditative, or active, all interests are served.

Who can benefit from movement?

EVERYONE! that might sound a bit too catch-all but its true. Everyone needs to move, energy accumulates, gets blocked or flows too freely and Conscious Movement is a great way forward. This is not a group activity though I do work with small groups.

1 hr 30 min

$/€/CHF 70/person