A Year of healing in Ecuador – Part 2: the Recovery

Back on the healing path in April, 2021 we had a series of 'weekend lockdowns' yep, only locked down on weekends (???). And I had decided to step down off the prednisone which has to happen gradually lest you rebound back into the pain. Where I live is tranquil and...

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A Year of healing in Ecuador – Part 1, the Perfect Storm

I have been living in Ecuador for 15 months! A difficult year on many levels that began a healing journey after falling foul to a 'perfect storm' of circumstances that started with a small knee injury in France and led some painful months later to a diagnosis of...

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Strengthen your Immune System- Flatten that curve!

The absence of positive messaging out there these days is striking. Where is the public messaging in media or coming from government, or agencies to support people in staying healthy through the northern flu season. Where is the idea that the way we will flatten the...

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